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            Organize website projects using visual sitemaps, content inventory, content audit, content planning, daily keyword tracking, and website accessibility testing



            DYNO Mapper is the best solution for realizing and displaying the true architecture of a website with interactive visual sitemaps. Create interactive visual sitemaps with one click of the mouse.

            Inventory, Audit, Planning

            Inventory your website for all pages, images, documents, videos, audio, and files. Use the Content Audit to optimize your assets and plan content tasks using the content calendar.

            Google Analytics Integration

            Display Google Analytics metrics in each sitemap with the ability to sort and filter pages in your visual sitemap. Filtered sitemaps can be exported to PDF or CSV.

            Daily Keyword Tracking

            Automatically import keywords from a domain and receive daily keyword tracking reports about rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing with the ability to track by location or device.

            Website Accessibility Testing

            Our web accessibility tool can scan an entire website for WCAG / Section 508 compliance. Identify know errors in web design and content for ADA Website Compliance.

            Dynomapper is my go-to SEO tool for crawling websites and performing accessibility testing. I could not live without this software, as it is vital resource in helping me better manage SEO projects and website migrations. I use Dynomapper during the sales process, within website migrations themselves, and in post go-live technical audits. It has been an invaluable software package for me and one that I encourage my clients and SEO students to utilize.
            Rebecca Gill
            Vice President of Digital Marketing Services, emagine
            Create Interactive Visual Sitemaps



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